Miss Turtle

one of my friend gave me this pattern. she want me to make it for her because she can’t make amigurumi. so,, after 2 days making finally she’s here…

the cute Miss Turtle~~~




Tissue Box

I believe almost all of you know about the famous ‘Rainbow Cake’.

I really love to see the colors on the cake. it makes me feel like to eat it. but I’m not good with cooking. so, I just want to make something similar, but not a cake. something that easy and fast to make. 

and I saw this black tissue box. it looked so boring. all you can see is black from every side. So, I make a tissue box cover with raqinbow colors~~

I think it’s good. but still not satisfied with it….




DIY: Bejeweled Holiday Clutch

I want to make one….

M&J Blog

New Year’s Eve is the time for glitz and glam, and this year we’re pulling out all of the stops with a DIY accessory that’s sure to garner some attention. We’re making a bejeweled golden Holiday Clutch that’s perfect for that VIP New Year’s Eve party!

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch from M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:

Antiqued 12mm X 10mm Rectangle With Setting

Antiqued 10MM X 6MM Pear With Setting

10mm X 5mm Navette Rhinestone with Setting 

10mm X 6mm Pear Rhinestone with Setting

10mm X 8mm Swarovski Crystal Oval Rhinestone with Setting

8mm X 6mm Oval Rhinestone with Setting

2” Large Rhinestone Leaf Trim


Glue Applicator Syringe



Cutting Rhinestone Trim M&J Trimming

1. Cut three sets of two leaves and one circle out of the rhinestone trim.

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch from M&J Trimming

2. Glue down each set so that they are mirroring each other. TIP: Use the applicator syringe so the glue does not get messy.

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch Sew-Ons from M&J Trimming

3. Create a colorful pattern with your sew-ons. Make…

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