finally last Saturday my mom and me had opened a stand for selling my necklaces collection and my mom clothes. I was so pumped up at first. but when the day got hotter and brighter I became more tired. I think my spirit was sailing away from my body and my mind.

It’s not like we were expected. the bazaar is soooo “crowded”..! yeah…!
there only a couple of people there. we only sold 2 pieces of clothes and 2 pieces of ‘kain jumputan’. heuul~~~~

but yeah it’s not really bad, I think.

So,I want to upload some pictures in this post. But I have some trouble with my card reader. I will post it later, on my next post, ok?

Thank you for reading… =D

P.S : I still want all of you reader to fix my vocab and give some comment.. onegaishimasu~~~ >.<


please tidy up…

really, I have to finish my necklace but I really tired…. =((

so I decided to write something..

on 27th April I have a bazaar at ASMTB. me and my mom will selling some clothes, ‘kain jumputan’, my hand made necklaces and some crochet that I made. BUT, I have to clean the mess that I made but I’m too lazy to do it. so I leave it as it is.


I make the necklaces on the floor, right in the middle of the place where people walk. because my house is small I don’t have another bigger place for my work.

Because I following my mood and leaving everything like that, when my mom and my brother walk, crossing the sea of beads, chains, and etc, they stepped on everything. hahaha.

Even they step on the box and the plastic boxes. So the plastic boxes not having the square shape anymore..

I’m not sure if the picture goes out or not. the connection is not really good, but I posted the necklace that I will sell at the Bazaar on Sunday.

THE Dice

UGH! I wish I had a digi cam so I could get a nice picture for my work.. but well, I still don’t have it. I just use my 3 megapixels camera from my hp. The outcome is not good at all. so this is my dice. the one that I made with a single crochet technique and with a little edging.

but again I have to sorry for a really bad photos that I take. =(Image

this is the original dice..



and that’s the dice with some dots on it.. but it doesn’t look good..



so, I hope you enjoy laughing at it. well it’s my first time doing it. .

doesn’t look good huh?

but I enjoy it. making amigurumi and crocheting is fun. I’m still learning though.. hehehe



finally I made a blog for my art work. so from now on I will post everything that I made to this blog. yeeeaay!

I hope everyone that read my blog will enjoy what I write and what I made.. >.<

I’m originally an Indonesian but I will try my best to write everything in this blog with my best with english. . .

I’m so excited…!

dugeun dugeun….