on May 29th, my sister will be 19th. so I was thinking to give her something that unique and something that made only for her. She really loves Hello Kitty and My Melody, both of them is Sanrio characters. So I was thinking to make her something that have Hello Kitty on it.

At first I was thinking to make a Hat because it’s quite easy, but then I think in this kind of tropical climate she wasn’t use it very often. I want to make her a bag but I don’t have nylon, I only have cotton. Then I remember that she doesn’t have a cell phone case.

When we are going somewhere she always put her phone in my bag or my mom bag. Sometimes in her small uniform pocket so it’s really easy for someone to steal it from her.

So today I’m going to make her some cell phone case with Hello Kitty touch on it. and maybe some little bag for her…

I will post the picture when I got a new da** card reader..


*going crazy*


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