my first amigurumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~! hehehe


Yesterday I was trying to make an easy amigurumi. at first I was intended to make a snowman because I have a white cotton yarn but it didn’t work out.

The eyes have a blue and yellow color because I couldn’t find the perfect buttons. so I’m using yarn to make the eyes.

as usual, I will upload the photo later when I already buy a new card reader…

somebody please buy it for me……. onegaishimasu……..

the doll have a color full arms and hat. he’s wearing a green scarf too.. hehehe

it more look like a voodoo doll rather than a cute doll that I want it. but well, it’s my first time making something like amigurumi. I’m still learning and improving my skills.. hehe.

I will pot the picture asap! =D


Thanks for reading..

and please fix my english or maybe just leave a comment. So I will be better and better..

Arigatou gozaimasu, minna~~~~


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