Crafty Days by Tobucil

2 days ago I went to ‘Gedung Indonesia Menggugat’ with my family. We went there to see a bazaar.

from the outside the building looked really small for 40 stands that Tobucil prepared. but when you looked and steped inside, it’s quite large..

so, first I’m looking for tobucil stand. because they said that they will give until 60% dicount for the yarn. When I get there there were a lot of different kind of yarn with sooo many color. Unfortunately I only got 1 color. there were a lot of yarn but almost all of them is acrylic yarn. I was looking for cotton, so I decided to  looking around and I found stands that really caught my eyes.. unfortunately I can’t take the picture to show you but I will give you the links. maybe you will like it like how I love it. hehehe


so here are the links :

and there’s another one. she made a doll from socks and it’s really cute. but I think I’ve lost the name card. so I will post it again when I found it…



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