Graduation kitty

FINALLY!! my kitty is here~~!

at last, yesterday I have finished my kitty~~!

not perfect, not like I wanted it to but yeaah, 98% like what I hoped for.

There were some mistake that I made but it still good enough. I hope the one who got that kitty will be satisfied. or at least didn’t throw it out from her window….

this is the picture…..

tell me what you think please…..

thank you…




so if you have something in your mind just tell me and I will make it for you…..





wuhuuu~~~ these month I have 2 more amigurumi that  I want to finish.

Last week my friend asked to make peas in pod for her. but now I haven’t finish my graduation kitty, so my lovely friend have to wait a little bit longer. =(

I’m so sorry.

but I will make the peas after June 26th. A big one for her. Hehehe

she make me have an excuse to buy more color full yarn. hehehe

ahh, I’m so happy to have a lot of projects these month. hihihihi

can’t stop now. my hand is always working and I always go with yarn and hook, everywhere. hehehe

Sanja Matsuri – Festival Cat

CATS~~! a lot of them! Kyaaa~~~~

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I couldn’t help myself sneaking a photo of of this cat sleeping on the shoulder of one of the many people out to enjoy the huge Sanja Matsuri about a month ago. He seemed to be snoozing just well up there until “somebody” woke him up by getting too close with a noisy camera. I hope the men and women carrying the omikoshi didn’t mind not being the center of the attention for a few moments!



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my friend asked to make a hello kitty doll but she have to wearing a graduation hat and clothes. she asking for a big one not a little one that I always made. because I’m not sure about the big size I decided to make a little one first.

But it turns out to become a bear instead of a kitty. I can’t make the ears. it’s making me mad ! but now I already make a nice triangle ears. but my big kitty haven’t finish yet.

The one that I already made was the bear, only the head. here is the picture~~



it’s Shirokuma Kun……….