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If you have been in Japan for more than a few weeks this past decade you are almost bound to have heard of or seen the massively popular adventure TV game, Monster Hunter by the game company Capcom. When I was visiting Tokyo’s seaside Odaiba district the other day I came across a massive pop-up store based on the game, it was almost like a little theme park with a couple of huge and incredibly well done blow up monsters. The monsters were hugely popular with tourists and kids, most of whom I doubt have ever played the game itself! There was even corner inside the store where you can practice roasting the meat of your hunted monsters, every time you roasted it well the little meat roasting tune would sound and you’d get bonus points – a hilarious little detail that you can only understand if you have played…

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Peas little brother

finally the 3rd peas is finished. here are some picture of the 3 happy peas brother…

they look so happy don’t they???





they make a pyramid, just like cheerleader…




now they becoming like a totem…



now all I have to do is finishing the pod. so they can sleep in it..

wish me luck…


Two Brother

finally I have my Peas!!! still only 2 of them,not 3 like how it should be. but yeah,, I like it. So now I have to finish the other one then my Peas in Pod will be complete after I make the pod of course. silly me…

Here are some picture of the Peas brothers……..




and I make another brother too…
they are cute and small..
something that you can always carry anywhere…


aren’t they cute????


2 days ago my friend asked me to help her made a hat for her friend. I never made one before but since she gave me the yarn and the hook I accepted. 

because I feel so exited today, this morning I already finished the hat. here are the pictures.



so what do you think??

the hat that I made for the first time in 1 day only…