old and new things

in these past 2 weeks I’m still searching the right formula for my pod. But I still haven’t found a right one. I got bored so I made another things.

It turn out good.

I made 2 hairpin with a same model different colors. 



make some flowers. my friend ask me to make some flowers. she is going to use it for her coming soon bridal gown. so I made some flower for her choice.



ImageImageI think I will make a ring with the little one.



and I make a flower hair pin too.



so that’s what I’m making on these past 2 weeks. whenever I feel bored I always start making a new things. and sometimes I forgot to continue doing what I was doing. Maybe that’s why the peas in a pod still haven’t finish yet.. hehehe

gomenasai mari-chan….. 😀



Men of the Ikegami Oeshiki

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Last year I took these snaps of some very manly men doing the oeshiki drum dances in front of the Ikegami Honmonji (池上本門寺) in Tokyo’s Ota ward. This is one of the biggest buddhist festivals in the country and certainly one of the most entertaining, drums, whirling matoi dancers, flutists, music and chanting – what more can one want? Don’t miss it this year if you have the chance!







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