finally last Saturday my mom and me had opened a stand for selling my necklaces collection and my mom clothes. I was so pumped up at first. but when the day got hotter and brighter I became more tired. I think my spirit was sailing away from my body and my mind.

It’s not like we were expected. the bazaar is soooo “crowded”..! yeah…!
there only a couple of people there. we only sold 2 pieces of clothes and 2 pieces of ‘kain jumputan’. heuul~~~~

but yeah it’s not really bad, I think.

So,I want to upload some pictures in this post. But I have some trouble with my card reader. I will post it later, on my next post, ok?

Thank you for reading… =D

P.S : I still want all of you reader to fix my vocab and give some comment.. onegaishimasu~~~ >.<