Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper

another amigurumi that I made from ‘Creepy Cute Crochet’ book.
It’s cute~~~~


Flower and Doilies

this is all flowers and doilies that I made in this past month.

My friend arrange it for her gown project. so what do you think??



and this is a beret hat that I made because I’m bored making flowers. but, it turned out that even my hat had some flower in it.

at first the outer holes I wanted to make it a triangle shapes. instead of triangle I made it like the outer flower shape that I used to made. but the hat turned out good enough.


Free! Swimming Anime and etc.

lately I’ve been busy helping my friend with her project. she want to make a ‘kebaya’ (Indonesian traditional clothe) if I’m not mistaken her. but she wants to make it with some flower lace crochet, shells, some chicken feathers, and raw cotton. I really don’t understand what will she make with all that stuff.


I’m so busy making lace and flower for her. So I haven’t make anything lately. even the pod for peas in a pod -that my other friend asked me to make it- still not finished. hahahhahaa

because I’m so tired making all of them, I watched anime. a new anime about swimming with 5 handsome guy. hahaha

I’m so into it. all the character have their own unique personality that makes them complete each other. it’s so natural they will becoming friends forever. 

I want to upload some picture of them. this Anime is sooooo full with a lot of good, nice abs that looked so sexy. Kyaaa~~!



from left to right : Rei, Nagisa, Haru, Makoto, and Rin

all of them have a girlish name even tough they are boys. it’s so cute when someone call their name with ‘-chan’ but instead of cute girl, a boy will appear in front of you.


the picture from  ending songs. Haru really sexy, Rin is so cool, and Nagisa is so pretty.



if you interested to watch this anime, you can watch it at


the first season is already finished. only 12 episode. the second seasons will be release next summer. 



And lately I’m getting addicted with G-Dragon songs called R.O.D. The song is from his 2nd album coupe d’etat.

usually I don’t really like reggae songs. but this is an exception. it’s making me addicted and want to hear it again and again.

oh, I forgot. GD is a South Korean singer. he’s a part of a boy band name BIG BANG. they are YG entertainment artist. another YG singer is Se7en, 2ne1, Epik High, PSY, Lee hi,  and the upcoming group WINNER.

old and new things

in these past 2 weeks I’m still searching the right formula for my pod. But I still haven’t found a right one. I got bored so I made another things.

It turn out good.

I made 2 hairpin with a same model different colors. 



make some flowers. my friend ask me to make some flowers. she is going to use it for her coming soon bridal gown. so I made some flower for her choice.



ImageImageI think I will make a ring with the little one.



and I make a flower hair pin too.



so that’s what I’m making on these past 2 weeks. whenever I feel bored I always start making a new things. and sometimes I forgot to continue doing what I was doing. Maybe that’s why the peas in a pod still haven’t finish yet.. hehehe

gomenasai mari-chan….. 😀


Men of the Ikegami Oeshiki

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Last year I took these snaps of some very manly men doing the oeshiki drum dances in front of the Ikegami Honmonji (池上本門寺) in Tokyo’s Ota ward. This is one of the biggest buddhist festivals in the country and certainly one of the most entertaining, drums, whirling matoi dancers, flutists, music and chanting – what more can one want? Don’t miss it this year if you have the chance!







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Monster Hunter – Odaiba


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If you have been in Japan for more than a few weeks this past decade you are almost bound to have heard of or seen the massively popular adventure TV game, Monster Hunter by the game company Capcom. When I was visiting Tokyo’s seaside Odaiba district the other day I came across a massive pop-up store based on the game, it was almost like a little theme park with a couple of huge and incredibly well done blow up monsters. The monsters were hugely popular with tourists and kids, most of whom I doubt have ever played the game itself! There was even corner inside the store where you can practice roasting the meat of your hunted monsters, every time you roasted it well the little meat roasting tune would sound and you’d get bonus points – a hilarious little detail that you can only understand if you have played…

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