Tissue Box

I believe almost all of you know about the famous ‘Rainbow Cake’.

I really love to see the colors on the cake. it makes me feel like to eat it. but I’m not good with cooking. so, I just want to make something similar, but not a cake. something that easy and fast to make. 

and I saw this black tissue box. it looked so boring. all you can see is black from every side. So, I make a tissue box cover with raqinbow colors~~

I think it’s good. but still not satisfied with it….





2 days ago my friend asked me to help her made a hat for her friend. I never made one before but since she gave me the yarn and the hook I accepted. 

because I feel so exited today, this morning I already finished the hat. here are the pictures.



so what do you think??

the hat that I made for the first time in 1 day only…


kitty and brownie

finally yesterday I had finished my cell phone kitty case~~~


I already give it to my sister as a birthday present. when she saw it she just smile and clap her hands. no other reaction… T_T

so here is the picture~~




And before that I finished the brown snowman. I think it’s cutee~~~

hahaha I’m praising myself now.. ‘good work for me’



so what do you think???