Miss Turtle

one of my friend gave me this pattern. she want me to make it for her because she can’t make amigurumi. so,, after 2 days making finally she’s here…

the cute Miss Turtle~~~





my friend asked to make a hello kitty doll but she have to wearing a graduation hat and clothes. she asking for a big one not a little one that I always made. because I’m not sure about the big size I decided to make a little one first.

But it turns out to become a bear instead of a kitty. I can’t make the ears. it’s making me mad ! but now I already make a nice triangle ears. but my big kitty haven’t finish yet.

The one that I already made was the bear, only the head. here is the picture~~



it’s Shirokuma Kun……….

kitty and brownie

finally yesterday I had finished my cell phone kitty case~~~


I already give it to my sister as a birthday present. when she saw it she just smile and clap her hands. no other reaction… T_T

so here is the picture~~




And before that I finished the brown snowman. I think it’s cutee~~~

hahaha I’m praising myself now.. ‘good work for me’



so what do you think???