Graduation kitty

FINALLY!! my kitty is here~~!

at last, yesterday I have finished my kitty~~!

not perfect, not like I wanted it to but yeaah, 98% like what I hoped for.

There were some mistake that I made but it still good enough. I hope the one who got that kitty will be satisfied. or at least didn’t throw it out from her window….

this is the picture…..

tell me what you think please…..

thank you…




so if you have something in your mind just tell me and I will make it for you…..



kitty and brownie

finally yesterday I had finished my cell phone kitty case~~~


I already give it to my sister as a birthday present. when she saw it she just smile and clap her hands. no other reaction… T_T

so here is the picture~~




And before that I finished the brown snowman. I think it’s cutee~~~

hahaha I’m praising myself now.. ‘good work for me’



so what do you think???